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Spring 2022 Milers Update

April 25, 2022

Re: Under Construction

Milers and Friends,

We hope you are healthy, happy, and heading outdoors to run. It’s less than a week to the Broad Street Run and we are so excited, not because of anything new. Because of something old. Something familiar. We look forward to seeing many of you out there on Sunday, hopefully running like we ran in 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016…

We’ve been doing some reflecting here at Milers HQ. The circumstances of the past couple years forced a bit of a pause on the organization. But our lives, like yours, have kept moving. Time doesn’t stop. Children get older. Monsters get older. New children are born! New monsters are adopted! Careers evolve. We move.

When we last wrote a few months ago, we were excited about the prospect of relaunching the Milers. We were eager to get back to everything we were doing before 2020. However, as we think about it more, that may not be the most sustainable and effective version of the Milers in the years to come. Should we do less of something? Should we do more of that other thing? We’ll be in touch as plans take shape. Until then, look for some group runs from Philly Runner. Look for us having beers at Good Dog. Look for us on Broad Street on Sunday.

Happy Running!

The Monster Milers


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