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What is fostering? 

Do you want to save a life?   We are a foster-based rescue organization.  Which means we rescue dogs from the city shelter and place them in volunteer foster homes while we find forever homes for them.   Fostering a dog saves two lives:  the dog we pull to safety and the dog that can go into that dog’s kennel at the shelter.   *OUR LIFESAVING PROGRAM IS ON HOLD! PLEASE VISIT BACK FOR UPDATES*


But what exacty is fostering?


When you foster, you agree to take a homeless dog into your home and give him or her love, care and attention until the dog is adopted.  We are there with you every step of the way!  We will join you at the shelter to pick out a dog that works best for your family and lifestyle.  We cover all veterinary costs along the way, getting the pup ready for adoption into a loving home!  As a team, we advocate for our foster dogs, and often will bring them to our events to meet and greet potential adopters.  Foster familes are at the forefront of getting the word out too!  Many of our foster families become advocates for their fosters through social media sharing and networking with friends and family.  Foster families are literally the lifesaving wing of our rescue.  We can't rescue without our incredible foster homes.


We provide our foster families with the tools they need to be successful:  Crates, food, food bowls, training treats, Kongs, etc.   We even have mentors and training guidance from a certified trainer available when needed.  We are a team, every step of the way.


We saved Clara's life because a foster family stepped up. 

Help us save more dogs like Clara and open your home to a foster dog!

Foster Parent Responsibilities:
  • Willing to feed, socialize, groom and medicate an animal if necessary, ensure the animals safety, and respond to its needs

  • Isolate the foster animal from your own companion animals when necessary and use a crate (provided) for the foster when unattended

  • Ensure that you own pets are current on vaccinations, spayed or neutered

  • Observe and report any medical concerns or behavioral issues to The Monster Milers

  • Maintain confidentiality regarding your foster animal and their situations

  • Comply with our philosophies and policies and act as a Monster Miler representative.  Fosters homes are considered an extensions of our organization and are subject to inspection either before foster activies, during, or both.

  • Be willing to take the foster to our approved vet for spay / neuter, vaccinations, microchipping and testing.

  • Active promotion of your foster animal via adoption events, social media exposure, friends and family.  (We will help with this, however our foster homes must also be active in promoting their foster pet.)

  • Must be willing to take the dog on 2-3 vet visits prior to adoption.  We also hold regular adoption events and we encourage fosters to get involved!


The Perks of Fostering:


  • Warm Fuzzies: Getting a homeless dog ready for adoption by giving your love, time, and friendship is such a rewarding feeling.  Want to be proud of something?  Fostering a dog is a bonafide noble act!

  • Getting updates: One of the most cherished parts of fostering is receiving updates from previous fosters!  Nothing beats seeing a dog you rescued living the good life.

  • Community Building: Make new friends by fostering! It’s a great way to meet new people who care about animals.   And trust us, walk around town with a dog in an "Adopt Me Vest" and you'll end up chatting to everyone and their Aunt Sue.

  • Entertainment:  You’ll never be bored! There is always something to do with your foster from cuddling to playing fetch.

  • Life Saved:  Opening your heart and home is an important part of saving a life. Even if you aren't ready to adopt, you can save lives!  Fostering a pet is one of the most direct ways you can support rescue in Philadelphia.

  • Keep the Love Going:  People who repeatedly foster can save many lives!  Adoption is absolutely wonderful, but with fostering you can continue to save lives.  Dog after dog after dog.

  • Volunteering Outside of the Shelter:  Many people find volunteering at animal shelters to be an emotionally difficult thing to do.  Being a foster family allows you to volunteer your time and effort in a way that is uplifting, rewarding and important.  

  • Test the Waters: Fostering is an opportunity to “sample” different kinds of dogs, and what it’s like to have one if you’re not yet ready to commit forever.

  • Support:  When fostering you have an ally for your foster pet, us.  You are not alone and we are with you every step of the way.  From setting you up with supplies, to covering veterinary fees, to finding an adopter, we're on your team!

  • Tax-Deductible way to get involved. Fostering-related expenses may be tax-deductible!  (Ask your tax professional for advice.)

Getting photos and updates like this from adoptive families is one of the most rewarding parts of fostering.  Pictured:  Bravo and his "brother."

Keeva (right) now lives happily ever after with her brother Champ after a foster family saved her life.  

What's it really like?

Check out our foster testimonials.  Our foster families share what it's like to foster a dog!

Ready to save a life?

If you are interested in becoming a foster parent, please check back periodically to see when we have dogs available. 

If you aren’t ready to foster, but still want to support our foster efforts,  we have an Wish list set up with various items we need for our foster families.  (Leashes, food, flea/tick medications, collars , crates etc.)

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