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He runs, he snuggles, he smiles. This guy does it all. Meet Colby!

It is hard to believe that our running buddy Colby has yet to find a new home, yet he still awaits adoption at Street Tails Animal Rescue. Colby has spent over a month in Philadelphia's shelter systems. He started out at ACCT Philly and then was transferred to Street Tails, where The Monster Milers have had the pleasure of meeting and running with him.


Our first impression of Colby went something like, "Holy Cow!" You cannot help but notice Colby's adorable cow-like markings, little beady brown eyes, pink muzzle, gigantic smile, and big squishy head. Case in point:

It was soon after meeting Colby, snuggling Colby, letting Colby lick and kiss us, and letting Colby sit on our laps that we decided to see how he would do out on the streets! We laced up, we leashed him up, and out we went!

And just like that, Colby was our newest running buddy! Colby is a big boy and weighs in at about 70 pounds, but he does not use his strength or weight against the other end of the leash. He is easy to manage and runs at a slow steady trot. He is newer to the running world, but we think he could work his way up to becoming someone's 5k partner.

Monster Miler volunteers continued to visit and run with Colby. Time passed and the Rescue Run 5k day came. Street Tails brought him in hopes of a family falling in love, and here we learned that not only was Colby a gigantic lap dog and a great running buddy, he is dog friendly and an overall social butterfly!

At the Rescue Run 5k 2017, Colby played with other dogs of all sizes and flirted with all of the runners and volunteers he could find. Everyone got a piece of Colby that day. He popped up on social media all over the place, and we had so many wonderful photos of Colby smiles, and Colby MAKING people smile come back to us, like the one below!

Yet, after all this, our buddy Colby is still waiting for adoption. It is hard to believe that such a fellow hasn't been scooped up yet, but we know that someday soon the right family will walk through those doors and recognize all that we already know to be true about Colby. Until that moment, our Monster Miler volunteers will continue to visit and run with him, hoping to keep him smiling and taking it one day at a time!

Colby is an approximately three year old pit bull mix. If you’re interested in adopting Colby, you can find him at Street Tails Animal Rescue in Northern Liberties. You can visit their website here for more information.

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