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I got you, Babe.

We got you, Babe. We will continue to run with you, and we will continue to help you on this quest to find a permanent home. Will you help Babe to? Read all about her so that you can share her story in an effort to find her a home.


If you have been running with or following The Monster Milers for any amount of time, then you already know Babe. If you have not had the pleasure of an introduction, let us fix that.

Here is Babe. Babe Didrikson, actually, but her friends call her Babe. She was accepted into Street Tails Animal Rescue back in November of 2018. We are writing this in May of 2019. Wow. I don't think that we have to say that this is way too long for ANY dog to be waiting for a home, especially in a kennel setting (hint hint: she is available for foster!).

Do not let the amount of time we all have been looking for that perfect home for Babe scare you away. Babe is a great dog. She is young, she is happy, she is energetic, she is sweet, she is gentle. She is a great running companion, an easy walker, a city explorer. She loves car rides, and settles down quite nicely. She is playful and fun with that perfect side of snuggle bug.

Babe has been running with us since November. She has gone out on countless individual runs with our Monster Miler Volunteers, and has participated in a few training sessions for rookies, and many group runs with friends and followers at Philadelphia Runner. Ask anyone who has interacted with Babe to speak to her character, and we can promise you that they will say good things.

Babe is looking for a specific type of home, which does make placing her appropriately slightly more challenging then some other cases, but it is definitely not impossible! She just needs a quieter home, one with out small children (she is fine with kids but needs that calm environment) and other dogs. The perfect home for Babe will be with someone who can provide structure and consistent training and support to help her deal with some anxiety. The Staff and volunteers at Street Tails Animal Rescue can speak more to the specifics of these anxieties, and what they have done to help and what you can do too.

We have learned that when a dog is looking for a specific type environment it is important that we share them and pass their information, forward their bios, and spread the word to the world in order to make the chances of the match coming forward greater, and the speed at which these dogs can leave the shelter quicker. We know not every home is child and animal-less, but there sure are PLENTY matching this description, many of whom may already be searching for a dog, or teeter-tottering so close to the edge that Babes face and beautiful soul would surely push them over. So please, SHARE FOR BABE.

Babe is available for foster and available for Adoption at Street Tails Animal Rescue.

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