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It has been a wonderful 2017 for The Monster Milers, and we have high hopes for an even greater 2018! Look at all that we have accomplished WITH YOUR HELP this past year...

In 2017 we provided funding for over 20 kennel sponsorships to homeless dogs in

Philadelphia. These are some of their faces...

Our sponsorship helped support the cost of care and helped to ease the burden of our shelter partners.

And thanks to your support and your donations, we can continue to sponsor space for large dogs in 2018 and make sure that they rest comfortably while they wait for new families in shelters and rescues.

Each sponsored dog was also a running buddy of ours, and Monster Miler Volunteers made time to exercise these dogs, increasing their chances of adoption, thus SAVING LIVES, by finding homes and maximizing on available kennel space in Philly.

In 2017, we brought on our first ever Programs Manager! Allegra's position was designed so that The Monster Milers can continue to grow, and that we can improve and expand existing programs! Allegra is an outdoor enthusiast and runner, and a recognized smile in Animal Welfare in Philadelphia. She has three special need chihuahuas (no, sadly they don't run).

In 2017, Our Volunteer Board of Directors began a strategic planning process and is now mapping out the future of The Monster Milers with the help of trained professionals. We have plans and timelines in place to grow our volunteer program, and reinstate our direct Lifesaving efforts by rescuing dogs from Philadelphia's Animal Control Shelter and placing them in Miler Foster homes in 2018!

And of course, The Monster Miler volunteers where at your local shelters and rescues, running with dogs and making them smile!

The Monster Milers want to thank you for the support you provided this year, whether it was through volunteering with us, running in or sponsoring our Rescue Run 5K, partnering with us, or donating directly to our cause! We hope to continue working with you in 2018! REMEMBER, You only have one week left to make a year end donation and to help us to pave the way for an even better 2018.

The Monster Milers is a 501c3 charitable volunteer organization and each dollar raised will go directly towards our cause and is tax deductible.Your support allows us to send more volunteers into shelters to exercise and socialize homeless dogs, advocate for rescue and adoption, continue sponsoring kennels at local organizations, and introduce adoptable dogs to tens of thousands of potential adopters at our events, runs, and at our annual Rescue Run 5k. Your donation will also allow us to reinstate our direct Lifesaving efforts in 2018.For more information on our programs and how your donation will be used, please visit:

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