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It's Mary Jane's turn to find a home for the holidays!

This sweet mother was initially left behind at the community cat sight a do-gooder was watching over, separated from her only kitten who was recently adopted, and finally made it into a foster home of her own. Now we think it's her turn to be adopted. Let's help this patient young mother find a home for the holidays. Please read on for more information on Mary Jane and how you can adopt her.


Meet Mary Jane. At just 1-2 years old, she is a petite princess who has already experienced so much in life. Mary Jane, her kitten, and a few other local community cats had been living at a firehouse in a Philadelphia suburb. Their main caretaker passed away, and begged for his friends to continue to watch over the colony before he passed. As time went on seasons changed, and the weather got cooler. The firemen and woman thought it would be best to find the cats who where social and friendly a home to call their home instead of living outdoors throughout the winter.

The group contacted Animal Control who assisted in the removal and housing of the cats. Sadly, Mary Jane was not brought to the shelter at the same time as her highly adoptable kitten, who has already gone through the system and found a new home through Street Tails Animal Rescue. Instead, Mary Jane was brought in on the second round, and now waits in a foster home. Now, Street Tails knows she is ready and is currently seeking an adopter for her. She has adapted to being an indoor cat seamlessly. She has perfect litter box manners, likes to play, will seek out your attention after just a few minutes of calm introduction, and enjoys rubs and snuggles.

Mary Jane is currently in a foster home with another cat and dogs. She LOVES the cat and although hasn't been around the dogs quite as much, does just fine in their presence. She has also been wonderful with the children in the foster home. Mary Jane comes to life when the resident cat enters the room, so we think she would thrive in a home with another cat or even a multi-cat home!

Mary Jane has a lovely soft grey coat, and vibrant green eyes. She has one little puff of white right under her chinny, chin chin and is a beautiful cat. If you or anyone you know are looking to adopt, consider Mary Jane.

For more information on how to adopt Mary Jane please visit

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