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It's Feline Feature Friday and by golly do we have a special cat to share this week! Meet the ad

Maggie is a stunning four month old tortoiseshell kitten available for adoption through Street Tails Animal Rescue. She will remain in the care of her devoted foster parent until an approved adopter gives her that "happily ever after" she so seeks!


Maggie was recently found with a few other cats and kittens in a local firehouse. The good men and women at this location had been feeding and keeping tabs on her wellbeing, but decided it was time to make the call and get this sweet kitten into a loving home. They told Maggie's rescue ride (a volunteer with Street Tails Animal Rescue) that they will miss her coming around everyday at 4pm for her daily meal, but that they know she will have an easier life in the comfort of a home, and we are so glad that they did.

Maggie first entered her foster home without a name and with no idea what she was doing there. Presumably, she had never been inside a home before. She let the family observe her from a distance but initially kept to herself. A young girl in the home that assists in caring for fosters with her Mom decided to name her Maggie because of the beautiful orange and golden tones of her tortoiseshell pattern. These colors reminded her of the rich glow of a complex mahogany, and she is absolutely right! When Maggie moves around the room an array of colors appear in her coat and she just dazzles in the sunlight!

Aside from her lovely patterns and colors, Maggie indeed has a beautiful personality. Her foster family reports that she stayed to herself for just that first night, and then her curiosity, playfulness, and social nature got the best of her and she immediately showed her true colors, and those colors are as beautiful as the ones you will find in her coat! Maggie adjusted quickly to life in doors and has been thriving in her foster home.

Maggie is incredibly social, loving, and playful. Not only does she purr constantly, she CHIRPS with sheer joy. She bops around from place to place, toy to toy, and person to person, making sure that she is constantly absorbing all of life's pleasures! She allows you to pick her up, enjoys being held, likes pets, and LOVES rubbing up against your legs. She has been checking out her new scratching post, and is using her littler pan consistently. Maggie's foster room has a lot of natural light, and she seems to enjoy lounging in the sun whenever she is not at her natural state of play!

If you are looking for a kitten to brighten up your days and provide companionship at night, Maggie could be a great cat for you! If you have any questions about Maggie, are interested in adopting or know someone who is, please direct all inquiries to Street Tail Animal Rescue. .

We encourage you to share this post with friends and family to assist us in finding an adopter for Maggie.

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