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Success Story - Bravo

How did you meet Bravo and/or hear about The Monster Milers?

I work for Road Runner Sports (a running store) as the marketing and events rep, so I am always on the lookout for running groups I don't know about. The Monster Milers had been at a race expo and I saw them tagged on Facebook. I clicked on the website and thought "This is a great idea!"

I figured bringing running dogs to the running store would improve their chances of finding a forever running buddy so we set up an event at Road Runner Sports' Cherry Hill location. The Milers brought Bravo and a dog named Cy who was adopted that day too.

Bravo was so sweet and affectionate that I made my family come over and meet him. I also made Bravo promise that if he came home with us he would prefer me over my boyfriend because dogs adore him. True to his word he loves me. But I forgot to mention he should prefer me over the kids...

Why do you love running with Bravo?

Initially I thought he would make a great running partner because he looks intimidating and would keep me safe on trails and night runs. While he is 60 lbs of solid muscle, we always tell people he has an equivalent amount of marshmallow fluff in his head. He is the sweetest, goofiest dog ever. I enjoy his company on runs and he's a never ending source of entertainment. And yes, no one has ever given me any trouble with him at my side.

Can you share any cute stories or antidotes about life with Bravo or running with Bravo?

Whether I've gone to work for 12 hours or walked the recycling to the curb, Bravo is always SO EXCITEDLY to see me. His tails wags in circles like a helicopter and he often falls off the couch in glee. He also snores like a freight train which is hilarious.

Sometimes at the end of a run he decides he's done and will simply lay down in the grass and try to convince me to carry him home.

He will tolerate anything the kids want to do with him. He's had his toe nails painted, worn sunglasses, and is regularly used as a pillow. He goes to soccer with us pretty much every week and just revels in the attention. He's like a local celebrity.

Bravo, sleeping and snoring like a champ!

What does rescue mean to you?

I have a shirt that says "Rescue is My Favorite Breed". I was never planning on getting a pit bull although my boyfriend had been lobbying for one. I was just looking for a dog that would fit into our family. When I see pics of him in the shelter it breaks my heart. He was very stressed and sad there and I don't know that he would have ever gotten to show his personality enough to find a family. I am so grateful for The Monster Milers and his "fairy dog mother", Katherine (his foster mama), for giving him a second chance.

If you had advice for someone who was thinking about adopting a dog, what would it be?

Be prepared to be patient! When we first adopted him the transition was challenging. He was destructive and had separation anxiety. He ate foods that were poisonous to him and required emergency care. If our kids were not so in love with him I might have given up. But I am so grateful we waited him out. Be prepared to be patient and give your new friend as much time as they need to settle in. He is SUCH a good dog now, and we could have missed out on his life if we'd given up on him.

Do you want to save a life? Check out our current dogs for adoption, or learn more about becoming a Miler foster family.

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