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"Wila" you adopt me?

Meet Wila! An adoptable running buddy waiting for a home at Street Tails Animal Rescue. She's easy, breezy and beautiful, AND she can be ALL YOURS. Read on for more information!


Name: Wila

Age: Approximately 1 year old.

Breed: Pit Mix History and how to adopt: Wila was originally found as a stray and brought to The Animal Care and Control Team of Philadelphia (ACCT Philly). Wila waited out her stray hold but no family came forward, therefore she was made available for adoption. Wila quickly became a volunteer favorite because of her friendliness towards humans and other dogs, and a running buddy for both The Monster Milers and the volunteer runners at ACCT Philly. Soon, Street Tails Animal Rescue visited, saw what great gal’ she is, and brought her to their rescue facility in Northern Liberties where she now continues to wait for a family! To adopt Wila, email for an application. If you have questions, send an email to this address or contact the Street Tails Animal Rescue adoption staff at 267-761-9434. Open hours and location for Street Tails can be found on their website at

Running style: Wila is a great running companion! She runs at a steady pace, and more or less let’s you set it. She can speed up if you’d like, but she casually runs at about a ten-minute mile. We think she would make an excellent training buddy. She is friendly to all passerby, and is not easily distracted, making her a “go anywhere” kind of girl. Why Wila could be the right dog for you: She is easy as a Sunday Morning! Wila can likely adapt to your family structure and has had successful dog meets thus far, but of course would require a meet with your resident dog(s) before adoption. She is loving and has a great disposition, just watch out for her "sneak attack" kisses! Let's help our running buddy find a home. Please share for Wila, and direct interested adopters to Street Tails!

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