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Nelson! This Week's Adoptable Running Buddy.

Meet Nelson! Nelson was originally found as a stray so wound up at Philadelphia’s animal control shelter. PAWS recognized how awesome of a guy he is, so transferred him in to their adoption facility on April 16th to provide more room at the city shelter for other incoming stray and homeless dogs. Nelson is now awaiting a new family at PAWS Wellness Clinic, located on Greys Ferry Ave. Nelson is between one and two years old and weighs about 55 pounds (full grown). At PAWS, all dog meets are by appointment only, so if you are interested in meeting Nelson, please email for an application. If you have questions, please email the above address or contact their adoption staff at 215-298-9680, ext. 16. Reference is ID number for faster help! (Animal ID #: A38319974)!


Running style: Nelson is a newer shelter resident and even newer to the running community, so he is learning bit by bit! One runner has already stated that they have never had a dog be so connected to them while running. He is super smart and pays attention to all cues, both verbal and non-verbal. So what this means for us runners is that he will stop when you stop, go when you go, and stick right by your side! He is not one to get distracted by external stimuli, so there is less of a chance of being yanked towards that silly squirrel, or stopping suddenly at the scent of fresh dog urine! He also knows a couple verbal commands already! This shows that he will likely already listen, but even better is that he is quick to learn and will pick up even more from his new owners! As far as speed and distance, we aren’t exactly sure how far and fast Nelson can go yet, but will continue to run with him until a home is found!

Why Nelson could be the right dog for you: We think that Nelson might very well be one of the best dogs on the planet! While this guy has plenty of energy to spare, he uses a lot of it to make sure that he is pleasing you, the handler. He knows "sit" and he checks in with you all the time when you are walking or running together. Nelson would love for you to take time to teach him more things, and he will reward you with all his love. Nelson could live with other dogs and older, dog-experienced children, but he would not like to live with cats. He is already neutered and up to date on all vaccines so is TOTALLY ready to go home with an appropriate adopter!

All photos are courtesy of PAWS.

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