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Rosie the resilient is ready for adoption!

Rosie has put the past behind her and is ready for her new home. We don't blame her for wanting to move on, as Rosie's former owner abandoned her in a carrier in the middle of a vacant field. Lucky for Rosie she was discovered by the owner of the farm (we hope quickly) and her life path changed for the better! The way she bounced back from an unfortunate situation really says something about her resilient and powerful personality. Read on to learn more about Rosie, and visit for adoption information!


Resilient Rosie was probably afraid and confused when abandoned but she didn't let the farmer know it. She was nothing but excited and friendly when taken out of the carrier, so they let her stick around the farm. She was living the life of a farm gal' when the farmer found out Rosie had given birth to a kitten. They then decided to contact rescues to see if they could find an indoor home for the kitten to be raised, and new Rosie should go along too.

So once again Rosie was packed up into a carrier, but this time delivered to the love and care of a foster parent working with Street Tails Animal Rescue. Rosie was given time to settle into her indoor space with her kitten and was then spayed and made available for adoption.

When our Monster Miler representative met Rosie, she came over immediately and did our FAVORITE cat thing..excited tail!! Did you ever notice a cat's tail tip vibrating at an incredibly fast speed? That only happens when a cat is extremely excited or happy, so therefore is quite a lovely thing to see. When we would stop petting Rosie, she would rub up against us, or place her head gently under our hands. She was sweet, gentle and calm.

So now Rosie awaits her new family. She is a well mannered and house trained kitty, likes other cats, is good with kids, but reportedly (as per the farmer) wasn't quite comfortable around their dog (although she may be introduced to her foster parent's dogs soon in order to get more information on this). She is fully vaccinated, spayed, and ready to go!

The Vet estimates that Rosie is somewhere in between 1-2 years old. As you can see, she has a lovely gold, brown, and black tabby coat, bright green eyes, a little pink nose, and bright white whiskers! She has a fluffy yet short coat, and wears little white socks! She is a precious little cat and The Monster Milers are SO hoping that we can help her to find a new home. If you or anyone you know is interested in adopting Rosie, you can find out more about her or apply for adoption through Street Tails Animal Rescue. Visit or email!

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