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All Tufts wants for Christmas is a family in a home he can call his own.

Our running buddy Tufts found himself back at Street Tails Animal Rescue once again, and once again, it was through no fault of his own. Let's help him find a permanent home for the holidays.


Tufts visited with Santa and he only had one wish. Just ONE thing on his Christmas list. You guessed it, a HOME. Poor Tufts has been in and out of the shelter and rescue systems of Philadelphia since September. Shelter life is starting to wear on this high-energy fella, and we are desperately seeking a permanent placement for him.

Tufts is a GREAT runner, mostly due to his enthusiasm. He has the energy to go for miles, and with just a bit of additional training will be able to do just that. His fluffy coat makes him a great candidate for cold weather running, so if you need motivation in the winter, he is your guy!

Tufts is a high energy dog with an intense play drive. He needs a family that can provide exercise and stimulation on a regular basis, and a doggy companion that doesn't mind rambunctious play. For more information on Tufts contact Street Tails Animal Rescue!

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