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Meet the adorable KB!

This week’s adoptable dog is named after Ikea’s Swedish cinnamon rolls — so in case you hadn’t already figured it out, she’s pretty sweet. And bonus: She’s a good runner. (Just, like most of us, not so much in 90-degree weather). We are also financially sponsoring KB at Street Tails Animal Rescue. What does that mean? We step in to help cover the costs of care so Street Tails can focus on finding her a home!

Name: Kanelbullar but we call her KB for short

Age: 1-3 years Breed: Pit Mix

Size: 47 pounds

Background: KB was surrendered to Women's Humane Society by her family.

Running style: KB is a great runner, when we aren't in a heat wave! In cooler temperatures she can keep a 9-10 min pace and would make a great middle distance running buddy. She is a stocky lady and has the cutest little hind-leg waddle that makes you smile the whole time you're running.

Why KB would be the right dog for you: KB is an active girl that would love to be someone's workout buddy, but she's also a very well behaved date and loves hanging out in park or at a dog friendly restaurant. KB is a social dog who prefers to be with her friends, and she makes it easy to be with her; she is a quiet, well-mannered girl who doesn't bark much, doesn't excitedly jump up, and is housebroken!

If you’re interested in adopting KB, you can find out more about her from Street Tails Animal Rescue in Northern Liberties. You can fill out an adoption application here, or contact them by phone (267-761-9434) or email (

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