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Running Buddy Highlight: John Kennedy

Have you met John Kennedy, known by friends as "JK?" If not, let us introduce you. The Monster Milers have been running with this big boy (likely a St. Bernard/Pit Mix) since May. He is approximately three years old, and available for adoption via Street Tails Animal Rescue.

We first started running with JK Droole in May when he became available for adoption at Street Tails Animal Rescue. We reported that JK was no speed demon, but enjoyed low-key jogs with some faster bursts mixed in. Since then, we have continue to run with JK Droole, and he is enjoying himself more and more each time, and gaining some stamina while increasing his speed along the way. He certainly isn’t going to run any marathons just yet, but 2ish mile runs are now suiting him just fine! JK Droole recently went out for a run with a group of Monster Miler Volunteers, and he ran a nice paced 2.5 miles! There where some rests, but they where quick and he was ready to go after just moments of recovery. JK is now running in a straight line in front of his handler, and is a pleasure to be out with. There is no yanking or over excited doggy-ness here!

Since he isn’t a fitness monster, we STILL think he would be best for someone who wants to say active and be outside, but doesn’t necessarily want to get their butt kicked by their dog everyday. He simply wants to go outside and be outside with you, but he will let YOU call the shots. Why JK Droole could be the right dog for you? We CANNOT believe that JK Droole is still seeking a family. He is such a loveable dog that can adapt to any social setting. He is a big guy, but he is as gentle as a butterfly! Hanging out with JK Droole is TOTALLY relaxing. His low-key personality makes him a comfy friend to have around no matter what you are doing, and his gentle disposition makes you feel so cozy and loved. Volunteers have been taking JK everywhere. He is been behind a kissing booth, at street fairs, at restaurants, on runs, in breweries – you name it and he has come along. He is seriously the best company and a great companion for your outings. A real good boy! He sits patiently by your side, will accept food or treats with ease if you offer, but won’t be tugging or anxious to forever be on the go. He is just happy to be with you, enjoying life and your company. If you are at all interested in adopting a big boy we encourage you to visit JK Droole at Street Tails Animal Rescue. You will fall in love with his kind eyes as soon as see him. We bet he would fit into your household too! JK has met quite a few dogs during his time in the shelter, and has done well with them and he is GREAT with humans of all sizes, making him a candidate for so many adopters. If you like to give and receive attention, and you enjoy sloppy kisses, this is the dog for you!


How to adopt: JK Droole has been waiting for a home since MAY, when Street Tails Animal Rescue took him in after he was brought to Animal Control as a Stray. To adopt, email for an application. If you have questions, send an email to this address or contact the Street Tails Animal Rescue adoption staff at 267-761-9434. Open hours and location for Street Tails can be found on their website at

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