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Even with the odds against him, "Lucky," came out on top. Now he just needs a home to win

Meet Lucky! This 3 year old male tuxedo could just quite be the “luckiest” cat in Philadelphia. Lucky was most likely dumped by his prior owner this past winter. He literally struggled to survive for 6 months. A colony care taker in South Philly was able to provide food for him, however she noticed him slowly getting sicker and sicker. He developed a respiratory infection and was repeatedly being attacked by other street cats in his community. One of these attacks left him with a bite wound which over time developed into an abscess the size of a lemon. His feeder realized there was nothing more she could do and on her own and reached out to Street Tails Animal Rescue for help.

Lucky for Lucky, STAR had an available foster home and the ability to assist in his recovery and adoption. Over the last 2 months Lucky has had 2 surgeries, has had a drain placed to guide out infection, and has been on 3 rounds of antibiotics. After all that It is now safe to say he is a healthy cat.

Throughout his medical journey he has stolen the hearts of the Vet staff at Center City Vet and his foster family. He tolerated all of his uncomfortable treatments and even responded with purrs and head butts!! His foster mom, who has fostered many cats, describes him as “one in a million.”

Lucky really is more of a dog than a cat! He follows his foster family everywhere and thrives on their attention and affection. He can be found wherever one of the family members are and is never alone. Lucky gets on well with the resident cat but is extremely fearful of the household dogs. Lucky exists in a constant state of happiness and we could all learn a lot from him. Even when the odds where against him, he never seemed to give up hope, as evidenced by his purr that only stops to give you a meow!! His foster family and friends think he’s saying “Thank You” in cat!

If your interested in adopting Lucky and becoming the luckiest cat owner in Philadelphia - fill out an adoption application at

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