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Mickey and Minnie want a home as magical as Disneyland. Let's help them find their happy ending!

Most foster homes are good, many are great, but there are just a few that are downright MAGICAL. We happen to know one, so when two kittens wound up in the care of this home, it just made sense to name them "Mickey and Minnie," after the two most famous characters of Disneyland, AKA "The Most Magical Place on Earth!"


Sure, we get that is saying a lot, but we really do mean it. This foster home is the place you want to be if your a homeless kitten. BUT, these kittens are not Peter Pan or The Lost Boys. They are not in Neverland, and they must grow up. Their "Wendy" can't care for them forever, because she knows a real world exists and these kittens need a permanent home and Mother. The Monster Milers want to help them find that family!

(Mickey on Left, Minnie on Right).

Like most fairy tales, Mikey and Minnie didn't just fly out of their window one evening. They didn't *POOF* themselves into the perfect foster home. They faced hardships and they struggled. These two sweet little babes actually where abandoned in the lobby of ACCT Philly, Philadelphia's Animal Care and Control Shelter. No one spoke for them, no one stuck around to see what the outcome of leaving two kittens in a box in the lobby would be, but they had a fairy god mother, a super hero, a Wendy, or a Walt Disney. That hero was a Street Tails Animal Rescue representative that saw two kittens in need, and jumped in to the rescue. The kittens where vetted and placed into their fairy godmother's home!

STAR believed in them, saw goodness and a future happy ending for these two, so took them into their rescue and placed them into their magical foster home. Now they are ready for their forever family, and want to make that happy ending come true forever after.

If you or anyone you know might be interested in adopting these two kittens, please have them reach out to Street Tails Animal Rescue to complete an Adoption Application, or call them at 267-761-9434.

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