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Pongo is one fit running mamma!

Pongo, a stray dog rescued by Street Tails Animal Rescue, recently had a litter of puppies. The pros at the shelter think it wasn’t her first litter, either. At just two years old, Pongo has proven to be a loving mommy while still an adolescent herself. After having her latest batch of puppies in a friendly stranger’s garage — who swiftly brought her and her puppies to Street Tails — Pongo has weaned her brood and is ready to find a forever home where she can be treated like the queen that she is.

In addition to being a stellar nurturer, Pongo is also a very athletic runner — one of the faster-paced doggies that the Monster Milers have run with recently. She’s happy to match your pace, whether it’s fast or slow. She’ll keep you motivated to go the distance — though she’s just as happy to chill out. Pongo has a lot of love to give and is looking to find a family that will love her just as much in return. Read on to find out if Pongo is the gal for you.

Name: Pongo

Age: Estimated to be about two years old.

Breed: A mix of pure fabulousness!

Size: Medium; Pongo is fully grown and under 45 pounds.

Background: Pongo was brought to Street Tails Animal Rescue of Northern Liberties (STAR) along with her six newborn puppies, after she gave birth in the garage of the family who found her as a stray.

How to adopt: Pongo has been with the amazing staff and volunteers of STAR for just over a month, and it seems as though no one was looking for her. Since Pongo can now be separated from her puppies, she is available for adoption. Please email for an application. If you have questions, send an email to this address or contact the Street Tails Animal Rescue adoption staff at 267-761-9434. Open hours and location for Street Tails can be found on their website. Her animal ID is #: 38011405

Running style: Pongo is a natural runner and a great running companion. As soon as she gets moving, she is focused and intense. She is one of the faster dogs we have run with recently, a fit mamma for sure! She has run with one of our Monster Miler volunteers about 2.5 miles at a time, and comes in at an 8:30 to nine-minute mile consistently. If you want to do quick sprints or high-speed bursts mid-run, she is ready and willing to do that as well. She will definitely keep you motivated and on pace if you let her. When it is time to take a break and rest up, she settles right down and enjoys people watching by the water.

Why Pongo could be the right dog for you: Pongo is a loving and doting mother, who by all indications has also had previous litters of puppies. As a young multi-litter mother, she likely has not had much time to enjoy a life of her own! At just two years old, it’s time to let her be the baby she is, and to show her that love can and should also be received, not just given. Pongo has a good heart and an upbeat personality. She is focused when active, but will settle just as easily. Pongo is ready to see the world from a new perspective.


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