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Meet the Happiest Cat for Caturday!


Patrick is clearly a very happy cat. All of those purrs most definitely mean something. So what is he so pleased about? Well, his foster family is showing him what life can be like when you belong, when you are loved - and boy is he soaking it all up.


Just a few months ago Patrick was an outdoor cat without a place to really call his own - and he wasn't thriving. Street Tails Animal Rescue stepped in and placed him in a foster home where he is now waiting for a permanent family. Patrick spent his first few weeks of foster care in his designated space, but since he adjusted so well the family has decided to let him explore their home. Guess where his favorite place is...

Patrick adores his small human companion. If you are looking for Patrick, chances are he has found her or is waiting on her bed. Patrick is loving and gentle and thrives on human affection and attention and therefore will seek out your love. He is also quite the playmate! When you aren't snuggling, cuddling, or canoodling together, he is up for a good play!

Patrick is young, fun, and will adore you! He is also fully vaccinated, altered, and microchipped, which means he is 100% ready for a new home and will make a GREAT companion or addition to most any loving and open home. If you are anyone you know is interested in adopting Patrick, visit Street Tails here for more information!

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