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A day in the life of Mary Jane. Episode 1: Waiting for a Home.

UPDATE: Mary Jane found her family and has been happily adopted! Mary Jane has been waiting in foster care since well before the holiday season. We thought for sure she would have a home of her own by now, being it that she is SO sweet, kid friendly, accepting of dogs, and CAT SOCIAL! She really could fit in ANY HOME looking to add a loving member, so what gives!? Let's help MJ find her family. Read below for a day in the life of Mary Jane!


First things first. Every morning Mary Jane has a standing coffee date with her foster mother. They read the paper, and chat about the weather, their plans for the day, what the kids are up to, reality TV stars, you know..normal cat stuff! She is ready to discuss current events with you if you'd like.

Afterwards, she gets to visit with her foster brother, who clearly isn't as thrilled about that as she is. Or maybe that is just his face? It's hard to say. But either way, MJ LOVES to play around with other cats. She lights up as soon as he enters the room, as you can see here.

Mary Jane then basically chills the rest of the day. She plays a little, she naps a little, she watches the dogs a little, she lets the kids hang with her. Really, she lives the cat dream, except for one small detail: it's not her permanent home!

Although her foster wishes she could keep her, most fosters understand the importance of a revolving door so that they can save more lives, more cats like Mary Jane. So if you know someone who is looking, send them to to adopt this wonderful girl!

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