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Make sure your Thanksgiving is complete with the PURRRfect dish! Turkey, Sweet Potato and Stuffing w

Adopt one of these "Thanksgiving" kittens and I bet you'll be thanking us later! All three have nothing but love, gratitude, and affection to offer you this holiday season, and isn't that what the holidays are all about? Each precious kitten in this trio is available for adoption through Street Tails Animal Rescue. They are currently waiting for you in an adoring foster home where they will remain until they find a permanent home of their own. Read on for more information about Sweet Potato, Stuffing and Turkey, then visit Street Tails Animal Rescue's website to complete an adoption application or to learn more about their adoption process.


Our first course for you today is Sweet Potato. She is as sweet and affectionate as her name might lead you to believe. Sweet Potato craves attention from her human companions and is ready to curl up in your lap for a snooze when down time comes. Otherwise, you will find Sweet Potato bopping around playing with her toys and her litter mates. Sweet Potato has a unique spotted brown tabby pattern, accented with golden brown hues and a white underbelly.

She brings that little something sweet yet savory to the Thanksgiving table.


Next on the menu is Stuffing, a true classic dish and one that Thanksgiving would just not be complete without. She is as fluffy as she is spunky, and although she is the smallest kitten of the litter, she will stuff your heart with joy!

Stuffing's foster mother describes her as "dog like." She is active, curious, and playful and will seek out human attention and affection. When you hold her she goes limp in your arms, and is a real lovey-dovey kitten.

Stuffing wants to be where you are, and skips around from toy to toy trying to grab your attention like a puppy would. She is a grey/brown poofy little tabby whose stripes get lost in her soft fur. Her eyes are a cool green and her ears have the most adorable whisps of hair radiating out!

Don't be embarrassed or ashamed to Stuff your face with this kitten, we get it.


Don't gobble down the sides without saving space for the traditional main course! The last item on today's menu is Turkey. Turkey doesn't need to be your center of attention like the Thanksgiving Turkey usually is, she is happy to be observing from the sidelines as is a bit more shy then her outgoing and attention seeking sidekicks.

Turkey is inquisitive and curious, yet calm and gentle. She enjoys being held and relaxes completely in your arms, but doesn't follow you around and seek you out every second of the day. She is relaxed and observant.

Turkey's foster mother reports that she LOVES to gobble gobble, meaning she is food motivated and likes those treats! Although she is more on the timid side now she still has a warm personality and will likely continue to come out of her shell as she adjusts to new surroundings. Turkey has a medium length chestnut brown coat with thick tabby swirls. She has little white socks and a little white bib. She watches you with golden green eyes, and is a beautiful girl.


If any of these kittens have you drooling, visit Street Tails Animal Rescue's Website, or email them for additional information. These kittens would be thankful for a home of their own, and will bring that loving feeling to your holiday home! The Monster Milers are happy to work with local rescues and shelters to feature adoptable each and every Friday. You can browse our blog to see previous successes, and cats/kittens that may remain available for adoption. Please feel free to share our posts to help these beautiful animals find their homes.

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