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Wesleyan, our small but MIGHTY speed demon of a running buddy!

UPDATE: Wesleyan was adopted! Often times when we think of "running buddies" we picture large dogs. That does NOT have to be the case. If you are looking for a running buddy but prefer your dogs on the small side, or just don't have room for a large dog in your home, Wesleyan is the gal' for you! This little lady is ready to motivate and challenge you. She has a real need for speed! Read below for more information on Wesleyan and how to make her yours.


Name: Wesleyan

Age: Approximately 5 years

Breed: Terrier Mix How to adopt: Please email for an application. If you have questions, send an email to this address or contact the Street Tails Animal Rescue adoption staff at 267-761-9434. Open hours and location for Street Tails can be found on their website at

Welseyan was rescued by Street Tails Animal Rescue and brought in to their facility on September 5th after having being left behind with another dog in their former families living quarters when they moved out. Since she has been with STAR we have enjoyed taking her out for runs on multiple occasions! As we all know runners come in all shapes and sizes and Wesleyan is a perfect reminder of this sentiment. She is small, but she is mighty, and speedy! Our lovely little Wesleyan is quick to pick up a fast pace and doesn’t mind keeping it. She runs well at the end of the leash and stays focused on the activity. She could likely stick with a runner during their full sprinting pace, and then continue onward. As one Monster Miler put it, if the Energizer Bunny was in fact a dog, it would be Wesleyan!

Not only is she a great candidate for runs, she has a great overall personality. We all know that good things often come in small packages and this package is bursting at it’s seems! Wesleyan has such a big personality, it’s no wonder she can’t contain it in that tiny little body of hers! She is always bopping around from person to person, saying hello to one, and giving kisses to the other. She has been nothing but loving to everyone she has encountered and has also done well around other dogs. Although lap sized, Wesleyan has boundless amounts of energy and is always ready to join you on your next adventure BEFORE settling into that lap for the evening. If you want a compact adventure or running buddy, this is the gal for you! Please reach out to Street Tails if you are interested in Wesleyan!

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