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Feline Feature Friday!

UPDATE: DRACULA HAS BEEN ADOPTED! The Monster Milers are happy to share that we will be featuring an adoptable feline in Philly each Friday! We will be working with our current rescue partners and shelters to bring you a cat or kitten in need of a home every week. Why? Because even runners sit down and relax sometimes (believe it or not), and the way we see it, that makes their lap available for a cat!


For our first "Feline Friday" we bring you an anything but sPoOooKy solid black male kitten available for adoption via Street Tails Animal Rescue! Tis' the season for frightful fun, so this guy has been appropriately deemed DRACULA, dun dun dunnn. Although, we think he gives more of an Edward vibe ourselves. You know, being it that he is so very cute and dreamy! Okay just kidding everybody. Without further boo, I mean adieu, Meet DRACULA!

Dracula has a shining soft black coat and light green eyes. He looks like a mischievous little kitty, and although he does have a natural sense of curiosity, he is a total sweetie pie who is all treat and no trick. Oh, you thought we would have something more Halloweeny? Alright then.

Originally found at an old TNR site, Dracula was only 5 weeks old when he all but charmed his way into his foster mom's home. After several months of rest (no, not in a creepy coffin), he is now ready to find his own clan. Dracula is about 5 months old and is still very much a kitten; running, jumping, and playing for hours. He is definitely not like your typical undead who we hear generally sleep all day. He is curious by nature, independent, and has been a purr machine since day one. He's playful with other cats, and loves to be pet. Most importantly, he SLAYS at being adorable. If you are looking to add a furry fiend to your family, fill out an application at or email for more information on Dracula!

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