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Our new running buddy, Denali!

Name: Denali

Age: 1 year Breed: Collie Mix (this is our best guess)

How to adopt him: Fill out the adoption application at or contact Street Tails Animal Rescue @ (267) 761-9434 or

Size: 28 lbs

Background: Denali was surrendered because his family was not capable of caring for him properly.

Running style: With a little practice, we think that Denali will make a great short distance running buddy. It is clear that he does not have much leash experience, or experience out in the world in general, but he's learning quickly and has already completed a run/walk with his new friends.

Why Denali would be the right dog for you: Besides being the softest dog that you will ever cuddle with, he's a calm and mellow guy who enjoys spending time with people, whether it's out on a run or just relaxing. He is very interested in playing with other dogs and is good around kids. He has some learning and catching up to do, being that he was not properly cared for in his previous home, but he's a smart guy and is already catching on.

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