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Meet Bowser!

Name: Bowser

Age: 9 months

Breed: American Bulldog Mix

How to adopt him: Fill out the adoption application at or contact Street Tails Animal Rescue @ (267) 761-9434 or

Size: 70 pounds

Background: Bowser was surrendered to Women's Humane Society, when his owner was deployed overseas.

Running style: Bowser is his name and fartlek is his game! He is still very much a curious puppy, and likes time to explore his surroundings in between short sprints. He still has to grow a bit before he can do long distances anyway, so this method works for now. When Bowser matures we think he'll make a great regular running buddy.

Why Bowser would be the right dog for you: If you like a big, goofy type of dog, then Bowser is your man! He is strong yet sweet, slobbery yet cuddly. If you meet him straight from his kennel he can seem quite excitable, but that's all just pent-up puppy energy; after just a short bit of exercise his excitement level improves and he is very easy to teach. Bowser has a real zest for life, and seems to loves everyone he meets. We think he'd do great in a home with a fur brother or sister.

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