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Name: Mustang

Age: 6 years Breed: Pit Mix

How to adopt him: Fill out the adoption application at or contact Street Tails Animal Rescue @ (267) 761-9434 or

Size: 70 pounds

Background: Mustang was surrendered to ACCT (Animal Care and Control Team) by his family because they were moving.

Running style: Mustang doesn't appear to have a lot of experience with walks on leash and tends to zig zag, however once he gets into a slow trot he's fully focused and well behaved. Mustang prefers to trot along at a nice slow pace and would be best for a new or slower runner.

Why Mustang would be the right dog for you: Mustang is the sweetest blockhead you'll ever meet! He loves smooshing his big head into you and leaning in to cuddle, making it impossible not to love him instantly. We're pretty sure that once he's in a home, he'll be someone's extra large lap dog. Mustang is always up for an adventure around town and would make a great companion, whether it be on a run or relaxing at one of Philly's parks or beer gardens. ​

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