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Slim Jim is for Adoption!

Slim Jim is one of our first sponsored dogs at Street Tails Animal Rescue. We launched the Miler Sponsorship Program this Summer as an alternative way to do lifesaving with our partner shelters.

We will be sponsoring Slim Jim until he is adopted and taking him on weekly Group Runs with our volunteers. Check out the Events page for more details or simply contact Street Tails Animal Rescue. Age: 3 years old Breed: Bloodhound / Boxer Mix Size: 45 pounds but will be around 60 when he's fully healthy Background: Slim Jim was removed from his home due to the fact that there were too many animals living there. Running style: Slim Jim thoroughly enjoyed his first group run this week, and made a great impression on his fellow human runners; both on the run and in the beer garden. For a big dog, he has pretty short legs, so he would likely make a good short to middle distance running buddy. Why Slim Jim could be the right dog for you: Slim Jim is one of the first Monster Miler sponsored dogs at Street Tails, and we're so lucky to be able to support him and one of our partner shelters. Slim Jim is a goofy, lovable guy, who is eager to get out and explore the world around him. He leads his outings with his nose, in true Bloodhound style, but is very happy to stop tracking when it's time to run or check out other dogs passing by. He loves other dogs and desperately wants to make friends. Slim Jim is also incredibly smart and playful; when you get back to his kennel he instantly wants to both play and play tricks on your by stealing things. He's the type of dog that can make anyone laugh and smile, and makes a great active companion!

To adopt Slim Jim, contact Street Tails! (To meet him, come out to a Group Run!)

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