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Helen is for Adoption!

Helen is one of our first sponsored dogs at Street Tails Animal Rescue. We launched the Miler Sponsorship Program this Summer as an alternative way to do lifesaving with our partner shelters.

We will be sponsoring her until she is adopted and taking Helen on weekly Group Runs with our volunteers. Check out the Events page for more details or simply contact Street Tails Animal Rescue.

Age: 2 years Breed: American Bulldog Mix

Size: 60 pounds Background: Helen came to Street Tails as a puppy. She was adopted but recently returned when her adopters could no longer care for her.

Running style: Helen is an excellent running partner. She runs with a slow trot and can handle up to 3-4 miles with her Monster Miler friends. It is unclear whether or not she could ever work up to a long run, but the pure joy that she exudes while she's running will definitely make up for it.

Why Helen could be the right dog for you: Helen is incredibly sweet and gentle. She is deaf, and prefers to get to know new people very slowly; she can be a little shy at first. However, once Helen has bonded with you, you will be buddies for life! And not to harp on the running thing, but she REALLY loves running (slowly); her excited sprint when you first start out is exuberant enough to keep a smile on your face the whole way through your run. Helen is also comes to you housebroken, and with exceptional manners. Whoever is lucky enough to adopt Helen will be taking home Street Tail's longest term resident, and we are keeping our fingers crossed that that day comes sooner than later.

Want to adopt Helen? Contact Street Tails!

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