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Phoenix is for Adoption

Update: Phoenix was adopted by his foster family in December 2015. We couldn't be happier for them!

Phoenix continues to thrive in her foster home, but she'd love to find a permanent home of her own. The social butterfly is busy making friends all over town. (Did we mention she is completely photogenic too?)

We just got this update from her foster Mom: "She's doing great. She's a fantastic dog that is quick to learn and always up for an adventure! I have never met a 9mo old pup that is so relaxed in the house- she can self- settle really nicely. She walks well on the leash and has been all over town at bunches of festivals, parks and outdoor cafes.

We have been spending a lot of time with other dogs- she plays well with other dogs. Completely ignores the cats in our house. She can be completely goofy and excitable and loves to spend time with her human."

Are you looking for a dog-friendly, cat-indifferent pup who can handle crowds and fun adventures? Phoenix might be your girl. Fill out an adoption application here!

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