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A Season of SAVES! (Lila, Clara, Shelby, Bravo)

It was a great summer at The Monster Milers. We previously posted about Miranda’s save last week, but we wanted to let you know about a few others who found forever homes this Summer and what they’ve been up to with their forever families!


Lila was on her last day at our city's open-intake shelter. Summertime means even more dogs are found as strays and surrendered by their owners, and the shelter just didn't have space. Lila was quiet and had been overlooked for the month she had been there and was out of time. But first-time fosters Kathryn and Joe stepped up to save her life. They only had her in their home for a short while before Amanda and Nick welcomed Lila into their home and their family. Though we had to wait until her small spot of mange went away to get her spayed, now that she is, it's official - she's adopted! Lila has already traveled to Canada and loves to be around people. She'll have a great home in Bucks County with Amanda and Nick and we couldn't be happier for them all!


Clara was a very shy pup at the shelter and needed a bit of TLC from her foster family. (Note: Her foster family, Emily and Bryce has stepped up numerous times to foster dogs for us. They’re ongoing lifesavers!) After about two months in foster care, she found her forever home! She now enjoys playing fetch on dog-friendly beaches.

Her new Mom, Lauren sent us this pic:

“Our happy Clara, who is having a spectacular summer after joining our family this Spring! Thanks, Monster Milers!”


Shelby was a Miler fav at one of our shelter partners - Street Tails Animal Rescue. When we were invited to participate in ODDyssey Half Marathon’s race expo, we couldn’t think of a better running buddy to bring to represent our program. Within hours Jared met Shelby at the rest was history. The adoption was finalized a few days later.

Jared just sent us this pic of happy Shelby:

"Just checking in to let everyone know that Shelby-Shelb is still doing great. Pic of Shelby at our local Dog Park. As you can see, still all smiles.

Bravo (previously known as Champ):

We brought Bravo to the Philadelphia Flower Show to meet and greet people. He was always so social, but we had no idea how he’d handle the THOUSANDS of attendees. How did he handle it? Like a freaking CHAMP! He was a total ham and probably greeted well over 500 new friends. People would come up to him, and he’d instantly flop on his back for belly pats. He was the definition of a rescue ambassador that day. While he didn’t make his match at the Flower Show, he did a few weeks later at Road Runner Sports in Cherry Hill. They invited us for an “Adopt a Running Buddy” event in-store and the rest is history.

His Mom Amanda sent over this photo:

“I could literally post something like this every single day. This is my former Monster Miler and "personal assistant" while I work from home. He is the best dog ever.”

Do YOU want to be responsible for saving a life? We can't rescue dogs without the hospitality of our foster homes. Learn more about teaming up with us to be a LIFESAVER.

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