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A very happy ending for Miranda!

Happy news alert! When we first met Miranda in June, she was a sick and stressed out dog that desperately needed to leave our city's open-intake shelter. Emily and Bryce (who also fostered Clara) stepped up and opened their home and the Milers were able to rescue Miranda through our foster care program. Her foster parents nursed her back to health and we all got to see what a laid-back, affectionate, amazing dog she is.

Then an adoption application came in from Cait and Phill. They could also see what an awesome dog Miranda is and once we realized Miranda was fine with their cats, we knew it was a match. Miranda has been with them for several weeks now (we had to wait until she was spayed to truly make it official). She's already vacationed in Maine and is living the good life with people who love her. We're thrilled about this happy beginning for a new family! You too can make happy beginnings happen! Register for The Rescue Run 5K - it's the only run for rescue in Philadelphia and it funds our foster program for the entire year!

Or apply to be heroes like Emily and Bryce - fill out our foster application today! Check our more info on becoming a foster family.

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