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Monster Milers at Mayor's Cup!

We had a great time at the inaugural Philly Mayor's Cup this past weekend! While we didn't have any adoptable dogs on site with us, it was fun a way for us to network with other local running clubs and celebrate the awesome running culture in Philly. (And of course we repped in our "Adopt a Running Buddy" tees!)


It was a gorgeous day for running and picnicking. The race courses were tough but each member of Team Miler did his or her best and, most importantly, had fun. The Philadelphia running community is super supportive and we're so glad to have been a part of this event! A special thank you to our friends at Achilles International- Philadelphia Chapter for fundraising for The Monster Milers (the Milers, in turn, raised funds for them). Over $12,000 was raised by all of the running groups for charity.

More about the Mayor's Cup, from their website:

"When asked, we describe the Mayor’s up as a Cross Country Championship for adults. And true, it has some elements of that: a team-oriented race of runners of varying paces representing a single entity. But in truth, a team sport is a team sport. The specifics may be different, but if you were a baseball player, a soccer player, a gymnast…or just a kid who really believed they played with the Mighty Ducks, you know what it means to be a teammate. And if you are a runner in Philadelphia, you know that Distance Running is a team sport.

We Believe in Teamwork

We Believe Running is a Team Sport

We Believe Our Teams Have a Role in the History and Tradition of Running in Philadelphia"

We're already looking forward to 2016!

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